thank you, janitor. thank you, scientist.

by true apothecary

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released September 6, 2011

mixed by justin gerrish*

drums and bass engineered by sam stauff* - port city recording
assisted by jared mirel

on this record true apothecary is david brooks & jared garcin

drums by anthony defalco

mike waschenko and david brooks engineered guitars on high noon, last crusade, walkin' around money & joy distributor

*mike waschenko engineered drums on walkin' around money

sam stauff engineered guitars on philly and bob really phones it in

david brooks engineered guitars on welcome to the next battle

*walkin' around money mixed by david brooks

photography by lindsay blackmon

logo by stephen brayda



all rights reserved


True Apothecary New York

It's hard to define our sound in a sentence or two, but if John Mayer had a love child with Circa Survive we'd probably hang out with that kid on the regular.

Based out of Yonkers, NY
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Track Name: philly
call it strange
a couple screws loose i can't change
you can tighten my noose but let go of my reigns
because it's time to go

give it up
i do not know how with my wings cut
it's keeping me grounded but i stay above
over all that folds
heel to toe
one step at a time is too slow
i'm starting to climb and count impossible
as the thing i want

i think it's time to go past our reasons why
and let our heart and soul lead us blind

call me brave
or stupid as they come i can't say
or take any longer i'm getting my break
if i have to break it off
is this enough
to make you see stars? just look up
it's written in the cards and the bottom of every cup
we're as good as gold

give me chances so that i can show
i've got everything else that you could want
if those flashing lights ever come get me
Track Name: high noon
compliment my way under your skin
i ask you girl give this a try
never took a second thought or whim
just gave myself up and resigned
to something that i cannot answer for
i can't control and i can't fight
swept me off my feet and from my world
and i never questioned why
because i know

it's the way that you hold me and never let go
it's the way that you know all the things i don't
and your voice when you talk is the closest thing i know
to the one i hear from god when he says this is home

falling like a movie magic fool
tripping over all i find
holding on to everything that's you
and leaving all i know behind
Track Name: the last crusade
i keep my feelings locked inside a vault
one that's got more than lock and key
it's got combinations and a way to walk
like you see in Indie's movies

but when you get close i play hero
fight off demons to make it open
for my damsel and her halo
i see two wings and devotion

let's keep this interesting and just a bit odd
like King Arthur before he got his start
and live our fairy tale like we forgot
how to grow old, like it's never gonna stop

it was a long time drifting like a breeze
while my dark heart never saw anything
but when the wind picked up and blew me back from sea
oh i did see
it was a shoreline reaching out for me (and i saw it)
like a godsend if only i believed
and you can call me a convert because i followed it to be
with my wife and family

break my heart and wrap it around yours
so i can hold you closer than i have before
Track Name: bob really phones it in
an empire is slowly taking hold
with a foundation spreading like an open soul
and bleeding over all the wrongs
and reconfiguring the things i've known
so get in line or step aside
like you stepped away and out from mine
i've been dying to tell you
i've been alive since you fell through

motion: well it's all i know
if you can't move forward then i can let go
focus: it's our only hope
i've been dying for it since the day i learned to grow

a fading out and drifting off
and some convoluted reasoning of loss
because change is not an alibi
just a poor excuse and reason why
i've been dying to tell you...

fate is slipping from your arms
i see the one i saved
but it doesn't look anything like i thought

strange that you should cast me off
like a cape and feign
a curtain closing a scene to be lost
Track Name: walkin' around money
i can't forget where you used to live
it stays
a part of my childhood i'll always miss
how it made
the family gather and crowd inside your space
but since you've gone it's emptied out
and i wait

the last i saw you were heading out of this place
i've always hated hospitals and the way
they always seem to drag you down but in this case
i think you can finally walk on your own

i see your wife less than i would like to but she's great
and talks in ways i can't describe to you but i relate
and as it turns out your daughter grew up to be a saint
so much so that i changed myself and my name

before you left us i found you in pain
they said you'd be fine but you were falling from grace
and i can still your face
Track Name: joy distributor
i threw my tirades to the wind so i could roam
through the whitest snows
and gave up my sense of failure and its throne
i'm not a king alone
then i tried to take you with me and bestow
some simple joy and hope
since when have you ever known me to be so wrong?
or has your faith been lost?

i pushed a little too long on this hurt and now i gotta let it go
i got so dazed but your weakness
are you brave?
goddamn you got a coward's soul

so i left myself wide open for your call
a second chance to talk
but when the third and fourth and fifth left me appalled
i had to cut your loss

gave up so i could get on
my way since you have withdrawn
any semblance of our home
don't say that it's been too long
it's past anything that i've known
and i've been waiting all along
goddamn how do you get on?
i'll never understand how i came to be on my own

i found our carnage laid plain in stone
a gorgeous heartache that i've never known
it haunts the part of me that shows
your bold impression and takes its toll
Track Name: welcome to the next battle
past the rhythm when it broke
pass the oxygen because i got so alone
the fever spans just like a road
and goes in circles like the only thing that grows

i don't know, i don't pretend to know

give it up and tell me that i'm lost
keep up the silence and the void at any cost

let the pretense break apart our vast charade
and say it dear
loud and clear
(don't you ever miss this?)

kept trying to get back to the start
before indifference defining who we are
i prayed to god like i forgot
and bargained up and down the things that i could not

let the pretense break apart our vast charade
and say it dear
loud and clear
(don't you ever miss this?)

let our hearts grow cold as this gets so damn old
and say it dear
loud and clear

take in all my lost ones
and tell them all that i have done

i cannot fix the problem if it is the person
she can cry defenseless and you can me selfish
but i'm alive for once